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Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph. D.

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Dr. Hulda Clark


“The history of medicine is replete with examples of cures obtained years, decades, and even centuries before the mechanism of action was understood.”
–Sidney Farber, the Boston physician known as the godfather of cancer research.

hulda clark

Dr. Hulda Clark is an internationally renowned research scientist and author. Dr. Clark began her studies in biology at the University of Saskatchewan where she was awarded Bachelor of Arts, magna Cum Laude, and Master of Arts with High Honors. She studied cell biology and radioactivity among other subjects and received her doctorate degree in physiology in 1958.

Early on, Dr. Clark began to question the prevailing medical model as a way to maintain health. Her research led her to the importance of using only the purest food supplements, foods, personal care and sanitation products.

She found that a great majority of food supplements are (a) too processed, (b) contained too many ingredients, and, most importantly, that the supplements (c) contained all kinds of toxic manufacturing chemicals. This is why she asked her son to prepare for her capsules with only the whole herb in them.

Her son thereby founded Self Health Resource Center – in order to produce supplements that met her purity and potency standards. The company has specialized in producing supplements that do not contain excipients such as colors, tablet binders, release agents, or flow agents.

Her research has concluded that the scientific community has to pay more attention to two things: parasites and toxins.

Dr. Clark has written a number of best-selling books that deal extensively with herbal cleanses.